Copper hot forging



  • Le matriçage à chaud du cuivre1
  • Le matriçage à chaud du cuivre2
  • Le matriçage à chaud du cuivre3
  • Le matriçage à chaud du cuivre4


Characteristics of hot-forged copper

  • Hot forging allows important deformations, refines the starting grain, create a favorable linear drawing
  • Hot-forged brass offers the advantage of excellent material health, good surface condition, no porosity
  • Numerous coating like silvering, tinning
  • Copper offers an ideal conductivity for all the electrical applications
  • It allows easy assemblies by stirring or crimping
  • Recycling copper is easy and economical, environmentally friendly
  • hot forged copper offers better mecanical characteristics than high pressure die casting


Different copper famillies


Pure electrolytic copper (99.9%)

Used for electrical applications


Cu-Te P 

Copper comprising 0.4 to 0.7% of Tellurium

Good machinability, used for electrical applications



Copper comprising 0.5 to 1.2 % of chromium


The heat treatment considerably increases its mechanical characteristics

Designation according to european standard EN 12165 Density State Rm N/mm² Rp 0.2 N/mm2 A% HB Electrical conductivity %IACS Thermal conductivity W/(m.K)
CW004A - CuETP Electro Copper 8.9 H040 200 50 30 40 100  
CW106C - CuCr1Zr Chrome copper 8.9 H105 370 300 15 105 80  
CW118C - CuTeP Tellurium copper 8.9   250 200 5 90 94 369



Designation according to european standard EN 12165 Hot forging Machinabilty Weldability Polishing Chrome plating Nickel plating Tinning Painting Silvering gilding Anodisation Corrosion resistance Field of application
CW004A - CuETP Electro copper A C B A A A A   A F B electrical equipment
CW106C - CuCr1Zr Cuivre au chrome B B B F     ?   ? F B electrical equipment
CW118C - CuTeP Telluriem copper C A B F     E   E F B Electrical equipment, buses laser plasma (?), electric heating

 A = Excellent | B = Good |  = Fair | = Poor | E = Not recommended | F = Inapropriate 

Metallurgical states on copper bars and copper alloys

Metallurgical states on hot forged pieces

Crazed states

Hardness level


Hardness HB






1/4 hard




1/2 hard




3/4 hard




4/4 hard



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