2016, three retirements

On 30 September 2016, we celebrated the retirement of Mrs Miqueline VIEILLARD, Mr Andre Dietlin and Mr Jean-Claude QUERRY. Mrs VIEILLARD and Mr DIETLIN had been with our company since 1992 following the takeover of the company Matriçage de l'EST in DELLE and Mr QUERRY joined us in 1999.
Mr QUERRY was the mechanical manager and was in charge of the creation and renewal of the foundry and stamping tools.
Mr VIEILLARD and Mr DIETLIN were a professional couple who had been working together in the quality department for over twenty-five years. Mr DIETLIN was the manager and Mrs VIEILLARD carried out the controls and the analysis of the defects.

They therefore voluntarily retired in the same year, 2016, thinking that they could not work without each other any longer...
Needless to say, their departure left a hole in the company. Indeed, beyond the workload that they assumed together, we had a quality department with a colourful temperament.
In short, the farewell meal was served at the Tie Break of Grandvillars with the participation of the young magician Anthony who put on a show involving our three young retirees.
Happy retirement, good health, and everything else...
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