Suitability of Casting and Die Casting Alloys for Surface Treatments

Description of the document:

Presentation of the different abilities of alloys for the following surface treatments: polishing, chromium plating, nickel plating, tin plating, painting, silver plating, gold plating, decorative anodising, and zinc plating.

Key words of the document:

Traitement de surface, polissage, chromage, nickelage, étamage, peinture, argenture, dorure, anodisation décorative, et zingage. EN AW-1050A (Al99.5), EN AW-2017A (AlCu4MgSi), EN AW-2024 (AlCu4Mg1), EN AW-2618A (AlCu2Mg1.5Ni), EN AW-5754 (AlMg3), EN AW-6060 (AlMgSi), EN AW-6082 (AlSiMgMn), EN AW-7075 (AlZn5.5MgCu), EN AW-7175 AlZn5.5MgCu, EN AC-43400 (AlSi10Mg), EN AC-43500 (AlSi10MnMg), AS10G, EN AC-44300 (AlSi12), EN AC-46000 (AlSi9Cu3), EN AC-46200 (AlSi8Cu3), EN AC-46500 (AlSi9Cu3), EN AC-47100 AlSi12Cu1(Fe), EN AC-51500, AlMg5Si2Mn, EN AC-21000 (AlCu4MgTi), EN AC-41000 (AlSi2MgTi), EN AC-42000 (AlSi7MgFe), EN AC-42100 (AlSi7Mg0.3), EN AC-42200 (AlSi107Mg0.6), EN AC-43100 (AlSi10Mg), EN AC-44100 (AlSi12), EN AC-44200 43X (AS12), EN AC-51100 (AlMg3), ZL0400 (ZnAl4) Zamak 3, ZL0410 (ZnAl4Cu1) Zamak 5, ZL0430 (ZnAl4Cu3) Zamak 2, CB751S (CuZn33Pb2Si-B), CB752S (CuZn35Pb2Al), CB754 (CuZn39Pb1Al-B), CB761S CuZn16Si4-B), CW004A (CuETP), EN 12165 CW106C (CuCr1Zr), EN 12165 CW118C (CuTeP), EN 12164 CW304G (CuAl9Ni3Fe2), CW307G (CuAl10Ni5Fe4), CW510L (CuZn42), CW612N (CuZn39Pb2), CW617N (CuZn40Pb2), CW710R (CuZn35Ni3Mn2AlPb), CW713R CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi)

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