Metallurgical state of alloys

Type designation for the treatment of foundry aluminium Designation of moulding processes Symbolisation of the procurement method Symbolisation of the delivery status
F Rough cast   S Sand casting Y0 Undefined 0 No treatment
0 Annealing K Sand casting Y0 Undefined 0 No treatment
T4 Tempering + natural maturation at room temperature D Die-casting Y2 Sand foundry 2 Soaked
T5 Controlled cooling after solidification + extra income L Precision casting (lost wax) Y3 Gravity die casting 3 Soaking + tempering
T6 Quenching + tempering at peak hardness     Y4 Die casting 4 Stabilised
T64 Soaking + artificial ripening in the oven     Y5 Sintering (concretion) 5 Stabilised
T7 Hardening + over tempering to reduce hardness and increase elongation Ex : EN AC-42000-K-T6 = Die-casting with quenching + tempering Ex : Y30 = gravity die-casting without treatment Y33 = gravity die-casting + tempering

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