Micro injection of Zamak under pressure

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Zamak micro-injection in a hot chamber makes it possible to produce parts weighing a few grams with the following technical advantages :

  • Injection of complex and precise parts.
  • Production of parts with up to four drawer movement axes in addition to the mould opening axes.
  • Reduced production costs through very low metal feed loss and fire loss.
  • Feeding in the direction of the parting line without 90° bends as in conventional presses.
  • Quick mould change on the machine (cavities and drawers).
  • In some cases, automatic separation of the feed (sprue/runner) and the part at the time of injection.
  • Parts with little burr and therefore no need for cutting.
  • Reduction of part finishing operations.

This technology also allows a reduction in the cost of moulds:

  • The moulding parts contain only the impressions and cores without the need to invest in a heavy casing as in conventional presses.
  • If the part requires drawers, the sliding systems are already included in the "cross" integrated in the machine structure.
  • It allows a reduction in the number of impressions because the injection rates are fast and are adapted to large series.
  • The indentations in the zamak injection have a long service life.

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