Rules of design

Extrait de plan

The final aim of the design rules is to allow a piece to be produced that meets the specifications with a minimum price. The optimization of the price is directly related to the quality of the design in accordance with the final technology used: Foundry or hot forging.We are both founder and matrix and ready to help you make a good design of forms. The earlier our design assistance is in your project, the greater the efficiency.

As part of the foundry design, here are the defects of the castings which it is desired to avoid : porosity, sink marks, creeks, stings et blister.

To maximize the material health and overall strength of the part, the thickness of the part must be the most constant possible. You will have to lighten massive parts, Well connect the passage to the different thicknesses, Limit the stresses and areas of cracking of the part which could appear with the mechanical fatigue.

Finally, you measure up the reinforcements to guarantee the resistance of the part in the important areas and the over-thicknesses of machining if it is necessary.

We had already made our own description of the rules for the drawing of foundry parts, but we have found a more complete document that we propose with his authorization, realized by François Mollet. The author who is a connoisseur of the traces of forms ... realised another version We offer you to motivate the troops of your design office.



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