Surface treatments of various non-ferrous alloys

Our products are usually delivered to you with a final surface treatment. This can be done in two ways:

  • Without adding to the original material with processes such as tribofinishing, shot blasting, pickling or polishing. The aim of this basic operation is to make the surface of the parts homogeneous in roughness.
  • With input on the surface to modify the appearance, colour or technical characteristics of the parts (electrical conduction, corrosion resistance etc...)
Treatments Objectives Eligible metals Comments
Polishing Glossy appearance Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Zamak  
Chrome plating Presentation pieces  Brass, Aluminium, Zamak  
Nickel plating Presentation pieces Brass, Aluminium, Zamak  
Tinning Electrical conduction Brass, Copper, Aluminium  
Silvering Electrical conduction Brass, Copper, Aluminium  
Gilding Protection, Luxury Brass, zamak After polishing
Copper plating Electrical conduction Zamak  
Milking Appearance parts and for protection against corrosion Zamak  
Zinc plating and dichromate coating Protection against corrosion  Zamak  
Anodising Appearance part and for protection against corrosion Hot forged aluminium only Anodising of aluminium alloy castings can be carried out on alloys with a Si content of 4%.
Epoxy paint Aspect pieces Brass, Aluminium, Zamak Risk of outgassing on zamak parts

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