High pressure Zamak die casting

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- The Zamak high pressure molding consist in injecting under high pressure a liquid alloy in a metalic mold that solidifies quickly to form a piece
- This process allows the production of thin pieces with complex form with very tight dimensional tolerances, limiting as much as possible the machining resumption
- One of his main advantages is to have a very high repeatability and a very high tool life

Characteristics of the zamak used in high pressure die casting

- The zamak has good mechanical characteristics, excellent flowability and very good dimensional stability
- It allows high production rates
- It also has good decoration and corrosion properties
- Recycling zamak is easy and economical, environmentally friendly

  • La fonderie sous pression du zamak1
  • La fonderie sous pression du zamak2
  • La fonderie sous pression du zamak3
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European Standard EN1774 Mechanical characteristics Electric conductivity %IACS Thermic conductivity W(m K)
Densité Rm N/mm² Rp 0.2 N/mm2 A% HB
Zamak SAVE 6.7            
ZL0400 (ZnAl4) Zamak 3 6.6 260/300 250/290 5/8 80/90 26 113
ZL0410 (ZnAl4Cu1) Zamak 5 6.7 300/340 290/330 3/6 85/95 26 110
ZL0430 (ZnAl4Cu3) Zamak 2 6.7 360/400 290/350 8 110/110 26 119


Designation according to European Standard EN 1706





Polishing chroming plating tinning Painting Silvering


Zink corrosion resistance Field of use
Zamak SAVE A B B A B B C B B F A E Furniture, locksmithing, automobile

ZL0400 (ZnAl4)

Zamak 3

A B B A B B C B B F A E Furniture, locksmithing, automobile
Improved shock and corrosion resistance
ZL0410 (ZnAl4Cu1) Zamak 5 A B B A B B C B B F A E Furniture, locksmithing, automobile
Improved tensile strength, improved shock resistance and dimensional stability
ZL0430 (ZnAl4Cu3) Zamak 2 A B B A B B C B B F A E Furniture, locksmithing, automobile
best comprimise hardness /Resistance Recommended in the case of mechanical parts (gearing)

Aptitudes : A = Excellent, B = Good, C = Fair, D = Poor, E = Not recommended, F = Inappropriate

A zamak is considered stabilized after 8 weeks at room temperature. Zinc alloy parts may undergo certain bending, bending, cold-shaping operations, observing certain precautions. Elles peuvent aussi être assemblées par sertissage, bouterollage de collerettes et de parois minces, de rivets et de reliefs divers venus de fonderie. (?)

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